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Vakance matemātiķim/fiziķim Luksemburgā - Rota - 27.08.2018 11:59


Paziņas lūdza mani pārpublicēt šeit sludinājumu par labu vakanci matemātiķim/fiziķim Luksemburgā. Esot laba nodaļa ar labu priekšnieku.
Saite uz sludinājumu:

Your responsibilities:

Developing theoretical approaches to describe sensor functionalities and environmental interactions
Developing and validating corresponding software applications to improve product and process development efficiency
Carrying out sensor signal processing activities
Handling multi-physics simulation topics
Cooperating with all departments requiring scientific support worldwide
Preparing status reports and customer reports
Managing scientific cooperation with universities and institutes as well as customers and suppliers
Supervising MSc / PhD students
Innovation: contributing to the Intellectual Property process

Your profile:

Academic degree (MSc / PhD) in Physics or Mathematics
Expertise in mathematical modeling and fundamental aspects of Physics
Good programming skills (Matlab, Simulink)
Ability to quickly assimilate new theoretical and experimental topics
Goal-oriented, interdisciplinary approach
Creativity, team spirit and a pro-active attitude
Fluency in English (written & spoken) is required, German and/or French is an asset