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C++ and JAVA developer (ASAP) - artgrin - 25.10.2012 14:20

Great JOB offers,
excellent opportunity!

Rapidly growing global leader in secure electronic payment solutions, providing innovations and excellence of services that add value to the point of sale (POS) is hiring experienced C/C++ and JAVA developers. Location: Riga.
The successful candidate will join a growing and exciting organization with the opportunity to grow, learn and to be very successful.

C/C++ senior developers (9 positions) – full time, long term
with understanding of ARM architecture and development experience on Linux.
Key Accountabilities:
− Architect, develop and test new POS products
− Tackle a wide variety of coding issues
− Understanding of ARM architecture
− Brainstorm and prototype new concepts
− C/C++ development
− Linux

JAVA senior developer (1 position) – full time, long term
Key Accountabilities:
− Develop user applications, middleware components and interfaces
− GUI development using JAVA Servlets
− Linux 64bit (Redhat or CentOS) usage
− Network topologies (NETCONF, SNMP)
− Google Web Toolkit, Spring Framework, Westmark SNMP, Apache Shoal etc.
− SSL certificates usage
− SQL db creation, class layer usage
− Presentation layer development using Apache Tomcat, JSP and GWT browser etc.

Please, send your CV to e-mail:
Contact information:
Zane Kristapsone

HR consultant
Phone: +371 29295262

Are you interested to learn more about these jobs offers? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.