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#Experienced HTML5 developer wanted
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Pievienojās: Feb 2012
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#Experienced HTML5 developer wanted
About US:

We are an international multimedia and video advertising company developing premium
advertising solutions in the B2B sector. We are curently present in the Baltics and
Scandinavia. And will be expanding our business in Europe in spring, USA and South
America in fall of 2012.

We are looking to expand our kick-ass team with one more member and give
responsibilities in participating in the development, analysis and design of our
advertising platform and services.

You are offered a payed 3 month trial work in Amsterdam from end of March until mid
June, 2012. This means you will have to move to our office space for 3 month. If you
fulfil set objectives and blend in with the rest of the team you will be offered a
full-time job afterwards. Meanwhile, apart from crazy coding you will have the
opportunity to meet and be coached by top European internet and media entepreneurs
We are happy and willing taking on new, young talent as long as you can provide a
decent portfolio of work and prove what you can do.

> A thorough understanding of the HTML5 language, features and abilities;
> Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
> Ability to maintain focus while shifting between technologies/platforms;
> Can turn around tasks as soon as... well, we needed 'that' to be done yesterday.
> Organized/clean coder with strong attention to detail (we CAN read HTML);
> Understanding of mobile applications (iPhone, iPad);
> Speaks fluent english;
> Experience with video oriented business platforms is a plus.
> You must have a good sense of humor.

>Please send us your resume along with samples/descriptions of
your work until 29.02.2012

artis@videoavatars.com OR arturs@videoavatars.com
22.02.2012 13:10
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