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2018. gada 11. novembrī 22:31 

Fiziko Diena (2)

Tiem, kuriem Fizmatu gars sirdī, Fizmatdienas, kuras šogad pulcēs ļaudis piecdesmito reizi, ir viens no gada gaidītākajiem pasākumiem. Tomēr dažs labs dinozaurs pačukstēja, ka neesam mēs vienīgie, kas svin šādu apaļu jubileju- brāļi (braļukas)no Viļņas Universitātes Fizikas fakultātes šogad pavasarī jau nosvinēja savu 50 jubileju. Atzīmējot to arī intervija (angļu valodā) no 51 FiDi galvenās organizatores:

What is FiDi?

FiDi (Fiziko Diena, in English it would be Physisicist's Day) is the most amazing student festival in Lithuania. It happens every first April's Saturday (so, in 2019 it will be April 6th). This event has a really long history - next year we are organizing the 51st edition of the festival. It originated from Vilnius University Physics Faculty (well, and it still happens here), but now not only Physics students organize it.

What happens in FiDi?

The most basic thing about FiDi is that it consists of three parts: Day part, Procession and Evening part. During the Day part (Dieninė) students (mainly from Vilnius University Physics Faculty, but others as well) present their interactive and fun projects to Vilnius city inhabitants and guests. Sometimes, up to several thousand people come to the Day part because it's like a free amusement park and suits every kind of age. Right after the Day part we have the Procession (Eisena), during which we march from Vilnius University Physics Faculty, along about half of Vilnius city, to the Vilnius University Philology Faculty. FiDi has its talisman dinosaur named "Dinas Zauras" and it is not only our logo, but a huge real physical object which leads the Procession. The legend says, that Dinas Zauras once ate a virgin philologist girl, so he has to apologize every year now. This is the basis of the FiDi procession. And last but not least, we have the Evening part (Vakarinė) which happens in the Evening after the other two parts are over. The Evening part is basically a festival under the roof. There we have some of the best Lithuanian bands and sometimes even bands from abroad. But that's not all, it's boring to organize an ordinary concert. There also often are other attractions and installations. Oh, and by the way, FiDi organizers always try to find a venue which is somehow exclusive, like an abandoned building or so.

Could you tell me how does the year look for the organizers and others who make FiDi happen?

It is very hard to explain in a few words. But I will try to put it in some important points!
FiDi organizer does this mainly for himself/herself. Nevertheless all the difficulties (and believe me, there are so many of them while organizing something alternative than the most events), organizing FiDi makes you such a happy person (especially, when FiDi is over haha). This is because while being a physicist (or other profession student as well, no discrimination here :D ) you have an ability to learn various practical stuff, like management, organizing, engineering, photoshoping, filming and so on. And of course, that's not all. You meet other people, who are as crazy as you. With time, they become a huge part of your life. For the FiDi-maker, FiDi is like a connection between the parts of life: university, trying to develop your skills, building relationships, spending your leisure time...

Why did you become the chairwoman?

Last year, during FiDi 50, I decided to be a FiDi organizer for the last year. I thought that it would be kind of enough for me, because until then I had been in FiDi for 4 years. Also, most of people were a couple years younger than me, I didn't know much of them, so I even thought I will only realize my responsibilities and that's all. However, everything turned out completely different. When I started to work with the team, the atmosphere was simply amazing, we were staying in university basement during the nights, creating new ideas on the sport, and I even became good friends with some people who I thought I did not really like before. So, after FiDi 50 was over, I thought to myself that I want to work and have fun with these people for one more year! What is more, they thought so as well.

What drives the students to be part of FiDi?

Mostly, the idea. The idea, that you are free to come to FiDi whenever you want, and do whatever you want here. Though we live in modern world which seems to offer many opportunities to do whatever you want, but still it is very constrained with lots of rules. FiDi has some rules, obviously, but still it proposes a freedom of trying out stuff, making mistakes, being yourself.

How do feel about the fact that FiDi has happened for half a century?

Though I'm in FiDi for 6th year already, the fact that this has been happening for so long still impresses me! And FiDi cannot stop, the organizers sometimes even joke that maybe we wouldn't study in Physics Faculty, if there were no FiDi.

How has it evolved through these years?

FiDi started in Soviet times, when there were almost no interesting events at all. So it was very original and exclusive, everybody wanted to get into FiDi. Also, at some level it also had a little of political implication because it stimulated students to do something creative, to be free to share and implement their ideas, which was not so acceptable during those times. During the years, Lithuania had its Independence back and developed as a country. Also, the entertainment industry evolved a lot. Now, we have lots of big concerts every week. However, FiDi still attracts many visitors because among all those events it somehow remained original and different. So, I guess our evolution is trying to stay somehow different during all the times.

What are the most interesting traditions for you?

One of my most beloved traditions is FiDi bonfire, which happens in the evening day after the main event. FiDi organizers try to burn down as many Day part projects as possible (unless they are just too amazing to burn them down). This tradition is based on idea, that every year FiDi has to be newly made. Also, during this evening the "chairman" says his/her last words to everybody and after that everybody simply sit near the bonfire, drink some beer and communicate, remember the good moments.

Do you have an expierience from FiDi that you will remember until old age?

Many of them! For example, when I was a freshman, FiDi organizers asked me and my roommate to prepare food for everybody working on FiDi (which was about 100 people) for a week before FiDi. We agreed. I didn't think it would be so hard! We had a huge caldron, in the bottom the food would be burning, and at the top it wouldn't be ready at all. We did not have such big spoon to mix the food up, so we had been doing it with a spirit level. :D

Do you have anything to say/wish to Fizmati or organizers of Fizmatdienas?

Of course I wish you the best of luck while organizing Fizmatdienas. And I hope that next year you will come to do FiDi again because when FiDi people hear magic words "the Latvians are coming", they become just too excited.

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