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BlekssVērtējums: - 0 +  | 24.02.2006 09:23

balta kraasa, puspaveerta mute, saldaa bailiigaa grimase un kaa izskataas aatrie solji laikam noraada ka griida bija jaatiira...

defender_Vērtējums: - 0 +  | 28.02.2006 22:45

perebor? :)

LuckānsVērtējums: - 0 +  | 02.03.2006 23:44

Etomy pacany boļše ņi naļivatj ;)))

VVyHKTBEAMBQ | 5o5hczAoLVērtējums: - -1 +  | 05.03.2014 14:19

Usually, but not always (many states hold that a warranty violation is actionable by the very fact that QuotesChimp occurred), an insurance company seeking to escape liability based on improper conduct must prove the bad intent of the policyholder. They must also show that the false information was of great signifi�cance. Thus, to use a ridiculous example, if you lied about the color of your eyes and the insurance company found out, they would be unlikely to get out of the contract. On the other hand, if you lived in a very rural area and you warranted in a home�owner's policy that you had a phone with which to call the fire department, when in fact you did not, that could be a different story.

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